Favorite Holiday Foods from the Farm and Kitchen

November 16, 2022

The role of food in holidays is unmistakeable and everyone has favorite holiday foods! Over the years of the podcast, we have had a variety of way to talk about holiday foods in the farm and the kitchen. While the page on favorite foods helps us find posts with the holidays tag, with so much content, it’s gotten unwieldy.

So we’re creating this to offer simplicity!

As you scan through the headings & links, know you can always come back here for more good info on your favorite holiday foods. We’ll start with the farm and move tot he kitchen just like food does!

Hear From Farmers who Grow Our Faves

The commitment to growing food is something all farmers share, but some farms seem to shine brightest at the holidays as the foods they grow are central to festivities. Here are links and brief descriptions for some of our past episodes that are so holiday friendly.

Sweet Potato Farmer Todd O’Neal Is Feeling the Love as Sweet Potatoes Grow in Favor

Turkey Farmers Are Deep Into the Holiday Rush

For Egg Farmers, Both Chickens and Eggs Have to Come First!

Growing Corn in Iowa, Dave Walton is Not The Stereotype You May Hear

Growing Sugar & Baking Cookies is the Sweet Life

Pumpkin Patch & the Passing of Time Means We Need An Update

Life Beside a Cranberry Marsh: Smoothies, Ecology and a Cran-Baby (Updated)

Favorite Holiday Foods in Our Kitchens

You’ll frequently find my entire family in a kitchen during the holidays, some working while others visit. We’re going to have to add more to this arena. So if you have some holiday foods you’d like to share recipes for or wondering about something we mention on the show, please drop a comment to help us

Holiday Foods and Traditions: Stories from Listeners & Friends

Cranberry Recipes Tested on Farm and in the City

What’s New Year’s without Black-Eyed Peas for Luck? I’m Not Tempting 2022

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