Hello! Thanks for coming to check out Grounded by the Farm. It’s a new website, podcast and social media presence that I’ve been thinking about starting for a long time! And launching has been a rush.

My family…. we absolutely love food! It is something we put a lot of thought into… carefully considering our options as we think about celebrating key moments with family and friends. Sometimes we spend time in the kitchen making the perfect dishes and other times we choose a favorite restaurant.

But I was the first in our family who had a chance to get to know so many of the people who grow that food. And I am amazed by the things I can learn from people who spend months, even years producing the food we enjoy everyday. I’ve long brought back stories from farm visits to share with friends and family — talked about what avocado flower buds looked like or the way I learned to pick sweet corn.

This podcast is a way for me to begin gathering and sharing those stories and tips, letting the farmers share them in their own words. And because I am such a visual learner, I assume others would enjoy seeing some of the things I see now and then; so the site brings photos, video and other content that can add to those farmer interviews. The website will give previews for upcoming episodes too so you can get a glimpse of the farm & food prior to the hearing the podcast.

We are excited about the range of farmers who have already opened up to tell us their stories! And I have to confess, some of the things I’ve learned have really blown my mind! Hope you get that same rush!

Would love to add you to the email list and see you in the download counts!

Janice Person
(You can read more about me on janiceperson.com.)

An overview of Grounded by the Farm from our YouTube channel.