When it comes to the plate, most of us have favorite foods we just can’t get enough of, foods we crave and foods that, for whatever reason, intrigue us. That’s what fuels us on Grounded by the Farm! Well, that and the connection to the farmers who produce those foods.

Here are some of those favorite foods on the podcast and on the blog. You’ll get to meet people who produce the food, hear about different ways they enjoy it and learn about how it is grown.

This page will help you browse that content — just start with one of your favorite foods and let yourself go down the rabbit hole! If you are vegetarian, maybe you want to check out the fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. Omnivores will want to add in some of the other proteins including meat.

You will find podcast interviews with farmers who grow your favorite foods as well as recipes and more!

And if your favorite food isn’t listed, feel free to send us a note here or get us on social media (Instagram @groundedbythefarm_, Facebook Ask the Farmers and Twitter @groundedbythef. We are always looking for new ideas!