What 2020 is Like for Local Microbreweries & Restaurants (Bonus Episode)

July 27, 2020

Over the past several months, we have talked to several farmers including changes in light of covid-19. This bonus episode takes a totally different look at the world as we catch back up with Christian Spears at Tennessee Brew Works. Christian was featured in a winter episode about sourcing local grain for the brewery and that episode was accompanied by an interview with the wheat and barley farmer they source so much from…. That wheat from Batey Farms is featured in their summer seasonal wheat beer I Walk the Lime too.

Christian’s first words are about how much the world has changed since we visited in the winter. We talk through how the brewery has had to rework things in light of the pandemic. Some of the topics and timecode follow as we covered a lot of ground in 45 minutes!

Please support your local microbreweries, restaurants, etc. Look for their products, call for curbside service, order products for a couple of meals at once, buy logo’ed wear, share your experiences with friends, family and your social media networks.

02:46 Taking a total business approach

09:00 Wanting to help employees while protecting the company’s future too

20:42 Where are you now? What can people do to help microbreweries and restaurants? 

29:52 Introducing innovations to help contactless

33:31 New seasonal 100% wheat beer — I Walk the Lime

39:59 Supporting live music in Nashville as possible

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