When you search for Dino Giacomazzi online, you find a farmer who is focused on the environment. You also read a lot about dairy farming, but last year, the Giacomazzi family sold the cows & shifted their focus to crops including the almonds they had nurtured for the past five years. Dino shares how that came to happen and how environmental sustainability learned in the dairy is leading to innovation in reducing water use. He also has sons (12 yr old Miro & 7 yr old Gio) join us to discuss the new business they started while out of school due to the corona virus.

Growing Almonds — Two of the Hottest Topics

Dino says he’s known people ask certain questions about almonds, but the family’s move to a direct supplier – customer means he gets those questions more directly. Appreciate his addressing the question of bee health and water use as both topics have been discussed widely but rarely include a farmer’s voice.

What Growing Almonds Looks Like

Millions of Americans eat almonds, but only a few of us have ever been lucky enough to go visit an almond farm. This post provides photos and videos that will help you visualize almond trees and get a feel for farms like the Giacomazzis.

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6 comments on “Growing Almonds and Starting a Flavored Almonds Business

  1. Colleen Rocha Jun 25, 2020

    Great interview Dino and sons. We love the glazed donut almonds we bought

    • Janice Person Jun 25, 2020

      Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you share with others and listen to some of the other episodes. We can talk rice, ham, popcorn and whatever.

  2. Maria Teslik Apr 6, 2022

    I saw Dino at a Zoom Conference for Wise Persons, I don’t know how I got in (*zoom bombing probably*), but instead of taking notes on the presented material, I took his name down in hope of ordering some organic raw almonds. I don’t regret my decision.

    Upon investigating your websites, I see that your enterprising young gentlemen are selling some flavors that before I dealt with cancer, I would have ordered by the truckload. But now – I can only spread a little almond nut butter each day on whole grain toast. The idea of decorating my one-toast-a-day with almond butter fresh-made with almonds from your thoughtful farm seems like a good idea.

    Please steer me in the right direction to make my daily toast habit a celebration and joy…Please don’t mention anything about dairy butter – we don’t talk about that anymore. Thanks!

    • Janice Person Apr 6, 2022

      I’ll see what suggestions Dino can offer.

      You may want to look at https://www.almondgirl.com/shop/almonds. My friend Jenny farms with family in Kern County and sells direct too. There may be a requirement to pasteurize almonds for sale, seems a farmer mentioned that but certainly she has some that have not been roasted.