Mushroom Recipes You Will Love

May 11, 2020

Last week my family had a funny conversation about mushrooms recipes. It immediately brought up the podcast conversation about mushrooms with Scott at J-M Farms. And I realized it was just a year ago that I toured a mushroom farm for the first time.

Suffice it to say one of our dear ones is not only a fan, but can sniff them out like nobody’s business! Most of us enjoy or are neutral on mushrooms though and they offer a lot of great nutritional value. And they do well solo, as well as pair with a range of meats and vegetables for great taste too. With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to find recipes from farm families who find mushrooms a good add to the menu.

Mushroom Appetizers & Side Dishes

I love mushrooms as a side dish and frequently find myself sautéing them with some garlic and butter. With these ideas, I can also see myself putting more mushrooms on my shopping list!

Marinated & Roasted Mushrooms

No lie, when I saw that my friend Jennifer who writes Plowing Through Life has roasted mushrooms in her air fryer, I thought that sounded genius. Air fryers cook so fast and the early prep is perfect.

Mushrooms can take on a range of flavorings and garlic, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar makes a great combination. Jennifer points out that you want the marinade to have time to really sink in and she sometimes prepares the marinade and lets them sit in it all day. I can see these going fast. Love that she said she’d used an 8 oz package and realized she needs double that as she makes this mushroom recipe.

Stuffed Mushrooms in the Crock Pot

Stuffed mushrooms are a near constant in restaurants and I love the look of these cheesy stuffed mushrooms Jennifer makes. With sausage and cheese, what’s not to like? She says they make a great appetizer or a party food… I can see these at some picnics this summer for sure. And the sign of getting a recipe done well is also learning what can go wrong will… appreciate the tip on cooking then keeping warm rather than long cook times and helping gaming out which cheeses seem to work best.

cheesy stuffed mushroom recipe

Mushrooms Pair Well With Meat

So many of us these days are omnivores and look at ways to add more vegetables to the plate. Because mushrooms pair so well with various meats, there seem to be a lot of farm mushroom recipes in my circles.

Hamburger Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

The first time I went to J-M, I remember clearly asking Terry Jurgensmeyer his favorite way to eat mushrooms and he said with a nice steak. I laughed but understood since I have eaten more than a few with steak myself.

But mushrooms aren’t just for steaks! My friend Jent at Farmwife Feeds makes some cast iron skillet hamburger steaks that scream comfort and seriously made me drool. She quickly cooks the mushrooms and onions, then adds the burger patties and gravy.

hamburger steaks with mushroom gravy

Mushroom Gravy that’s Golden on Pork

The love of good gravy is something my dad definitely taught me and I think Jent’s family has that same background. This crock pot recipe has a mushroom-based gravy for boneless pork chops. I really haven’t cooked pork chops in a crock pot before, but since her family raises hogs, I figure I should try.  Besides she reminds us about using a meat thermometer to avoid over-cooking the pork. crock pot mushroom gravy

Pasta Recipes with Mushrooms

If your family is like many, pasta is among the go to recipes when everyone has been going in different directions. Mushrooms seem to take the most simple pasta dish up a notch. Farmers shared few recipes with us.

Cheesy Turkey with Penne

When you work with turkey farmers for years, you pick up a few things on cooking with turkey beyond the holidays. My friend Lara at My Other More Exciting Life pairs turkey, mushrooms, penne and a creamy parmesan sauce in what she calls Creamy Parmesan and Turkey Penne and she’s posted it for Instant Pot and Crock Pot. And although she prefers to also bake it a bit to get a good browning to the cheese and let the pasta soften as it soaks up a bit more liquid, she also gives the directions for Instant Pot that makes that optional.

Meaty Spaghetti Sauce

Jent tells us she makes big batches of meat sauce with mushrooms that she will use in a few recipes — spaghetti one night, lasagna another and some to tuck in the freezer for a really quick turn around. She dices the mushrooms really finely since she has a few folks in the house who aren’t fans of mushrooms but they never object to this and she knows it is getting adds nutrition.

meat with mushroom spaghetti sauce

What’s your favorite way to eat mushrooms?

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5 comments on “Mushroom Recipes You Will Love

  1. Thanks for sharing our favorite mushroom recipes! We’ll have to try some of the other great ideas too!

  2. Earnest D Marcum May 11, 2020

    I use mushrooms a fair amount in a variety of dishes; spaghetti sauce, mushroom & swiss burgers, omelets, salads….