Five Avocado Recipes You Really Need to Check Out

April 19, 2020

It seems like avocado recipes were a good way to follow up the tour of an avocado farm and the interview with a farmer sharing tips on how to find the perfect avocado. Not only did I have a box of avocados at the house, I have friends who write about food all the time!

Avocados Recipes & Hard Avocados

Who hasn’t run to the grocery store and bought avocados wanting to make guacamole or something immediately. As Mimi Avocado told us in the podcast, avocados give us a chance to grow as people as we work on being more patient. She gives you a lot of tips on what to do with hard avocados (and what crack pot ideas she’s heard that simply do not work) on her site. She has another post that gives you all the tips on handling avocados at home and how to tell whether an avocado is ripe or not.

avocado recipesMaking Guacamole

You can’t mention avocados without a lot of minds going straight to guacamole and chips! I can still remember my first visit to San Diego and sitting in Old Town enjoying it so much that i had absolutely no room for dinner! But there isn’t just one way to make guacamole and people get some questions, so I have a few guacamole recipes I want to share. I love that Mimi has so many to choose from but also have some other farmers who love guacamole too. Several great avocado recipes here!

A Good, Basic, Easy Guacamole

My friend Jent in Indiana shares a good recipe for fresh guacamole on her site Farm Wife Feeds that sounds really familiar to me. She says her daughter is the guac pro and every time they make it they munch it all up!

Making a Big Batch of Guacamole

Mimi’s story of how she met her husband and was captivated by his big bowl of guacamole for a potluck makes me smile. But seriously, making a guacamole for a crowd isn’t that easy unless you know how to get a lot of avocados at peak all at once!

The Fastest & Easiest Guacamole

Sometimes, you have a ripe avocado ready to go but maybe you don’t have all the other fresh ingredients? Mimi says the fastest & easiest guacamole which includes simply salsa and a season salt, fresh cilantro takes it up a notch. Some times she even adds proteins to it to make a heartier snack like these smoked ham guacamole bites.

avocado toastAvocado Toast

I’m going to start by admitting I’m not a great cook but I love certain foods and learn to prepare those at the very least. Making avocado toast has brightened several days during quarantine.

While having the perfectly ripe avocado is the most important piece, I am also a bit of a bread fanatic. Many friends and family are busily tending a sour dough starter and baking bread, I love bread fresh from the over but admittedly, I’m not a regular baker. I love that I can get sour dough from my local grocery via Instacart. My options range from St. Louis’ own Companion Bakery or from Izzo’s in San Francisco.

I didn’t have any fresh cilantro, which I love with avocado, so I used just a little cilantro-flavored cotton seed oil. It was awesome!

Mimi Avocado tells us how they make avocado toast and it sounds like they do ALL THE THINGS since they have acres of avocado trees I toured in their back and side yards. She uses mashed avocado sometimes, slices the avocado others. And she talks about a range of toppings that go well with avocado. Since a friend is going to the seafood market today and dropping by a few things, I may have to try out some new ideas myself based on Mimi’s inspiration!

Avocado Frittata for Breakfast

My friend Jenny, met her true love and moved from California to North Dakota. Although she loves the prairie, she misses some of the local produce that was always so incredibly accessible. Of course, grocery stores and home delivery can cover most of us wherever we are. She talks about all of that and more as she provides a recipe for the avocado and tomato frittata that looks awesome and rounds out our avocado recipes nicely!

avocado and tomato frittata

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