The Right Way to Cut a Watermelon? A Watermelon Knife?

August 3, 2020

Watermelon, the fruit of summer, no matter how you slice and dice them, they are always refreshing! But have you ever thought to yourself, I need a watermelon knife for all that slicing and dicing? Pay attention. Trust me.

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In our last podcast episode Growing Watermelons and Connecting Consumers, we talked with watermelon farmer, Rachel Syngo of Melon 1 where they proudly grow watermelons on multiple farms in southwestern Florida and work with farmers across the eastern US.

Right Way to Cut a Watermelon? Really?

I love getting the scoop from farmers. So as we talked, we raised all the questions like how do you cut a watermelon? It’s funny but something so simple can become controversial at times. However, I asked because several years ago a watermelon farmer showed me a way to do it that I hadn’t seen before. And I love it!

The answer: The cutting method depends on how you will be eating it.

  • If you’re serving watermelon at an event or want a piece to hold onto you cut the watermelon in quarters lengthwise then cut it in slices so the rind serves as a handle.
  • If you will be eating at home, maybe using in salads, etc. you kind of peel the melon with a knife. You cut the rind off first, then slice into cubes, wedges or whatever. A friend in Wyoming recently discovered it & shared on Instagram so here you go!

There technically isn’t a correct way to cut a watermelon but there is definitely more than one way to do it!

Watermelons: The Fruit that Deserves it’s own Knife

There is a wonderful tool that we BOTH agreed was essential to cutting watermelon (and to avoid cutting a finger), the watermelon knife! I hadn’t even heard about them until I went out on a watermelon farm… then I saw them several times.

I had to ask if this was watermelon universal. We both had watermelon knives, and agreed that this tool is a lifesaver when it comes to cutting up that juicy watermelons. I will never use a butcher knife or something again.

This knife is long and made of stainless steel allowing you to get through the entire watermelon without the knife bending or you having to turn the watermelon to ensure you’ve cut all the way through. It also boasts a pretty solid blade (though there are holes in it like seeds), it won’t bend while cutting! The handle is made of comfortable silicone and is ergonomic for great leverage.

If you look closely, the serration is a bit deeper and longer than most knives, this allows you to gracefully slice through the tender insides of the watermelon. Rachel points out its a lot like a bread knife but with more heft for the serious job it takes on.

watermelon knife

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