Grounded by the Farm is a new podcast featuring food conversations with farmers.

Each interview will focus on a specific food and we will be talking with a farmer who produces that, learn the ways their crops get to market, ways they enjoy the crop with family and what it takes to grow the crop.

Because food is so visual, the website will include more than your typical show notes — sharing photos and videos from the farms profiled and a range of other information about and from farms.

Beginning December 11, 2019, Grounded by the Farm will release new episodes averaging 30-45 minutes in length every other Wednesday but the initial launch will include multiple episodes! Already we have been talking with lettuce, popcorn, pecan, avocado and crawfish farmers. Some will release on the 11th and others will come in the coming months. We have lots more coming too!

The show is a production of Janice Person of JPlovesCOTTON, LLC. You can learn more about her work as a public speaker and communications consultant at

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