Cheese Making & Enjoyment: A Great Cheese Vocabulary List

September 13, 2023

Love that we get to talk about so many different ideas in the world of cheese with our conversation with artisan cheddar cheesemaker and dairy farmer David Hemme with this episode!

1. Curds: The solid part of milk that forms during the cheesemaking process when an acid or enzyme is added.
2. Hoop: A device used in cheesemaking to shape and press the curds into a solid block.
3. Creamery: A place where milk is processed into various dairy products, such as cheese, butter, and cream.
4. Artisan cheese: High-quality cheese, typically handcrafted by skilled cheesemakers using traditional methods and often made in small batches.
5. Cheese curds: Fresh or young cheese that hasn’t matured fully and still retains a slight squeak when bitten into. These are more common with artisan batches.
6. Ciabatta: A type of bread, also known as ciabatta, with a soft and chewy texture. Oh so good too.
7. Soprasada: A type of Italian dry-cured sausage, typically made from pork.
8. Artisan pizza: A traditional, high-quality pizza made with carefully chosen ingredients and often baked in a wood-fired oven.
9. Hispanic cheese: Cheese varieties commonly consumed in Hispanic cuisines, such as queso fresco or queso blanco. They have a different type of stretch and melt qualities than cheddar.
10. Shelf-stable cheese: Cheese that is preserved using chemicals to prevent spoilage and allow for a longer shelf life without refrigeration.
11. Cereal rye: A type of grain used for cover cropping, which helps improve soil health and reduce erosion during the winter months.
12. Carbon capture: The process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to mitigate climate change.
13. Cattle manure compost: Decomposed or partially decomposed cow manure that is used as a soil amendment to enhance fertility and nutrient content.
14. American Cheese Society: An organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the artisan and specialty cheese industry in the United States through education, networking, and advocacy.
15. Young cheddar: Cheddar cheese that hasn’t matured for an extended period, resulting in a milder flavor and softer texture.

These concepts and their definitions provide insight into the various aspects of cheesemaking, dairy farming, and food production discussed in episode 411 of Grounded by the Farm.

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